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Police Investigating Horse Shot in Wexford County

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Police are trying to find the person who shot and killed a horse, in a Wexford County pasture.

It is unclear if the horse was shot on purpose or if it was a hunting accident.

Police say the animal died on November 21st, in a pasture near West 4 Road and North 25 Road in Greenwood Township.

Police discovered that the horse was shot in the abdomen on its right side.

The horse was owned by Dan Janola, who has about 80 horses that he breeds, raises, and trains for a variety of competitions.

Not only did he lose a horse, but he lost the time and resources he put into raising the animal.

Caley Blanchard, a farm hand says, the horse was less than a year old and based on what they had already seen, had a lot of potential as she grew.

     "I was upset, mad you know?  Because each horse we have a personal attachment to and usually, we are there the day they are born and usually, we are helping get the baby out of the mare.  And, we just watch them grow everyday; it's just like your dog at home or your cat, its your pet."

If you have any information about the shooting please contact the Michigan State Police tip line at 1-800-528-8234 or Trooper Miller from the Cadillac Post at 231-779-6040.