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Craigslist Used to Obtain Horses

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New details on an animal neglect case, we now know that the Internet played a significant role.

Dr. Pamela Graves, who rescued some of the animals, tells us that Christine Thompson collected the animals on the web site Craigslist.

The animals were neglected for months in Presque Isle County's Bismark Township near Rogers City at the Noffze Highway Farm.

Last week, deputies arrested Christine Thompson. Her arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow.

She's accused of neglecting 33 horses, five dogs, and three pigs.

Some of those animals, they say, she got online.

Many of the horses are still in need of a good home.   For more information on how adopting one, visit

9 & 10's Meredith Barack and photojournalist Tony Zyber have more on how Craigslist was used.