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Complete Streets Coalition Discusses Transportation Network

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Transportation is a huge part of everyday life and for a growing number of people, biking and walking is a popular was of getting from 'A' to 'B.'

The Complete Streets Coalition is hoping to help those people out by creating a network of transportation that is convenient and safe for everyone, in Grand Traverse County.

In smaller towns like Traverse City, walking, biking and using Transit Systems could help families financially.

It would also help keep the community active and help with traffic congestion.

And, the Complete Streets Coalition says there's no on specific way to design the streets, it's more about accommodating everyone.

Julie Clark, the Director of the Tart Trails says,

     "It doesn't say a complete street needs sidewalks and bike lanes, and a roadway X feet doesn't take that approach at all.  What it does is it looks at how people are getting around and how to best and most comfortably, safely, affectively, and efficiently get people around the entire region."

The Coalition is hoping to get elected officials from around the region on board with complete streets, so they can begin to move forward with the project.