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Brown Bridge Dam Meeting Update, Still Unanswered Questions

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It's been just over a month since the Brown Bridge Dam breech, and many people still have unanswered questions.

Tonight, the Implementation Team for the Dam Removal Project was hoping to help with those questions and concerns.

A month ago, the Dewatering System failed at the Brown Bridge Pond's Dam, flooding the River Valley area.

The Implementation Team says that there are many assessments that still need to be done, before the investigation into what caused the breech can be completed.

This has many of the River Valley residents and community members concerned, saying they thing the work on the Dam should be stopped until they have answers. 

Maria Housden, a River Valley resident says,

     "Let's not worry about who we blame, let make the right decisions and the first thing to do is stop until we know what happened."

The team tells us they plan to have the rest of the Dam Structure removed next week, and return the river to the channel.

They're hoping to have two other dams removed and the project finished by Spring.