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Horse Rescues Desperate for Hay

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The impact of a hay shortage in Northern Michigan appears to be getting worse as we head into winter.

Some farms that need to feed livestock are getting increasingly desperate.

With a dry summer, most saw the problem coming, but now concerns are growing even bigger.

Northern Michigan Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation in Otsego County is one place with seemingly no where to turn for hay.

The hay has become too costly for many with horses and they turn to places like the rescue center for relief.

But the cost of hay has become too high for even the rescue center, and it has been a challenge to find hay to purchase nearby.

The price of hay is also affecting their ability to buy medications and hoof care that the horses need.

They worry that if they cannot get enough hay, they may have to resort to shutting down.

Northern Michigan Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation says donations of grain and hay extenders will help for now, just so the horses aren't hungry.

If you would like to contact them, their number is 989-370-0908.