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Michigan's Six Ballot Proposals Fail

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While the presidential race took the main stage this election, there were six ballot proposals that Michigan voters decided on yesterday. Many of which, if approved would make changes to the State Constitution.

Out of all the proposals we've been watching its been Proposal 1 that's been the closest to call.

As you might recall, Proposal 1 if approved would uphold the Emergency Manager rule for bankrupt municipalities. We confirmed Prop one did not pass.

Four cities and three school districts are currently run by Emergency Managers, including Flint, Pontiac and Detroit Public Schools.

Governor Snyder pushed passage on prop one hard in recent weeks.

Now, Proposal 2 is a union backed proposal looking to guarantee collective bargaining rights in Michigan's Constitution.

Many thought it might squeak through in a big union state.

But, opposed by Snyder, the Attorney General and the republican party, it did not pass.

Proposal 3 would have locked in an increase to renewable energy standards into the Constitution. Many utilities opposed it.

It is confirmed that this did not pass, making no changes on renewable energy.

Proposal 4 is another union backed proposal dealing with the unionization of home health care workers and their collective bargaining rights. This also did not pass.

Proposition 5 deals with essentially restricting legislative powers, requiring a two-thirds vote of the state legislature to raise taxes.

That proposal did not pass, which means a simple majority will still stand in the legislature regarding taxes.

Finally, Proposition 6 has to do with the requiring a citizen vote on state spending to build international bridges.

Ambassador bridge owner Matty Maroun and his family financed the "Yes on Six" campaign. However, prop six did not pass.