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Friends React to Rebekah Gay Murder

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John White is in jail for the murder of Rebekah Gay.
Police say he beat her repeatedly with a rubber mallet before strangling her to death.

White led police to her body in a wooded area at the corner of Coldwater Road and Pickard in Isabella County yesterday morning.
She was killed Wednesday.

Rebekah lived in a home near White.
She had only lived there for 3 months to be closer to work.
Before that she lived with her longtime boyfriend's parents in Freeland.
They say she was a loving, kind and protective mother.
She only let White near her son because her mother had been dating him for several years despite knowing  white's criminal history including a near deadly assault and a manslaughter conviction.
9&10's Eric Lloyd and photojournalist Jacob Johnson spoke with the family of her longtime boyfriend and have more details.