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Hook & Hunting: October 25 Weekly Fishing Report

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Cheboygan River: Anglers are still catching some fresh Chinook salmon at the Cheboygan Dam. A couple steelhead were also caught by those using spawn. The run could go for two more weeks.

Rogers City: Brown trout are in the harbor in good numbers and anglers are just starting to catch them. There should be some excellent brown trout fishing in and around the marina and Calcite Harbor for the next few weeks. Try casting spoons, rapalas or rattle traps. Lures that agitate the fish seem to be working best early to mid-morning or late afternoon into the evening. Windy and nasty days were also a good time to fish. The few boats that are still going out have caught smaller Chinook, steelhead and Atlantic salmon in 50 to 90 feet of water. Lake trout are numerous but the season is closed. Good colors are green, blue, orange and silver, black and white or purple. Use anything that glow early and late.

Alpena: Yellow perch have been caught in the marina when using leaf worms and minnows. Early or mid-morning was best. Very few boats have been out.

Thunder Bay River: Salmon are being caught near the 9th Street Dam and the bridge. Rapalas and spawn worked best. Some steelhead were taken on spawn. Yellow perch were caught near the 2nd Street Bridge.

Harrisville: Salmon are still trickling into the harbor as well as the occasional steelhead. Small boats are still launching. They have caught a couple steelhead and walleye when long lining with spoons, body baits or J-plugs. Shore anglers are floating spawn or casting spoons.

Au Sable River: Salmon continue to make their way up to the dam. Most anglers are drifting spawn or casting spoons. Recent rain has caused the water levels to come up and the current is moving swiftly. This will encourage more fish to come in. Look for the number of steelhead to increase as fall progresses.

Tawas: Had a large crowd of perch anglers fishing off the pier. Some limit catches of seven to 10 inch perch were taken. A few salmon and brown trout were caught at night.

Tawas River: A few salmon were caught by those drifting spawn.

Au Gres: When boats can get out, they caught some perch in the shipping channel, south of Pt. Au Gres and near the Rifle Bar in 25 feet of water.

Au Gres River: Is producing some small perch. A few salmon are still being caught near the Singing Bridge.


Petoskey: Anglers harvested some fish past the mouth of the river, but many were thrown back because they were in pretty bad shape. Waders and anglers fishing off the rocks near the "bobber hole" were using spoons, flies, spawn bags and skein. Most were fishing in the river, but some are fishing off the beach near the breakwall and off the piers with spoons or spawn. They have caught Chinook, a couple pink salmon and coho.

Bear River: The number of anglers as well as the number of salmon has declined. Water levels were up and the current was fast after the rain. Anglers using spawn, skein, artificial eggs or yarn have caught coho and pink salmon. A couple steelhead were taken but anglers are still waiting for that run to get started. Pink salmon were caught near the mouth and a 27-inch lake trout was caught on pink yarn at the dam.

Charlevoix: Fishing was slow but steelhead and Menominee whitefish were caught on a single egg just off the bottom near the Cement Plant. A few boats that were out just off the pier may have been targeting perch. The area near Medusa Creek has slowed down quite a bit. The few anglers out there were using spoons, spawn bags and single eggs.

Traverse City: Anglers were mostly targeting perch, smallmouth bass, whitefish and cisco. Perch anglers were still-fishing with minnows, wigglers or shrimp. Most of the fish caught were small but those willing to sort out the small ones can still get enough fish to take home. Cisco were caught by those jigging 50 to 100 feet down in 80 to 120 feet of water.

Elk River: Chinook, coho, steelhead and lake trout have been caught near the power dam by those using spawn bags. Many of the coho are fresh but most of the Chinook are deteriorating. More steelhead are starting to show up. The fish are averaging six to eight pounds.

Boardman River: The weir has been lifted. Anglers were targeting salmon, steelhead and lake trout. Most of the remaining Chinook salmon are in poor condition. The coho are in good shape and anglers should see more steelhead coming into the river very soon. Skein and spawn bags are producing the best.

Frankfort: Both the Elberta and Frankfort breakwalls have been producing good catches of steelhead ranging eight to 10 pounds. Most are using chartreuse and pink spawn bags with glow floats. The early morning bite was best as the action was hit-or-miss throughout the day. Those able to get out to the Bank did find three year old Chinook, coho and steelhead 40 to 100 feet down in 150 to 200 feet of water.

Onekama: The North Pier is still showing activity for coho and steelhead. They are hitting on spawn bags in the early morning. Those casting glow spoons in the pre-dawn have caught a couple steelhead.

Portage Lake: Water levels are very low so the fish are in much deeper water. Bass and panfish were caught in 18 to 22 feet.

Manistee: Pier anglers and those surfcasting are catching steelhead when conditions are right. They are fishing off the piers and the beaches.

Manistee River: Salmon are on the definite downslide. Fish are still there but most are actively spawning and therefore not biting. Recent rain did bring some nice chrome steelhead into the river.

Ludington: Pier and surf anglers are catching steelhead when using salmon spawn.

Pere Marquette River: Rain did push steelhead up into the river. Most fish were caught on spawn. Those looking for salmon will still find a few fish however they are almost done spawning so they are not hitting anything.

Pentwater: Pier anglers still-fishing with spawn are targeting steelhead however catch rates were very slow. Those surfcasting with spawn seem to be doing better.


Keweenaw Bay: Those trolling have caught a mix of coho, Chinook, steelhead and lake trout. The bite was slow but those putting in the time have caught a few fish 25 to 60 feet down in 30 to 70 feet of water up from the Falls River, Sand Point and north to Carla's. Anglers fishing from the pier in L'Anse have done very well at times. Near the South Portage Entry, lake trout were caught on the southwest side of Big Reef. In Traverse Bay, lake trout were taken in 25 to 50 feet of water near Buffalo Reef.

Fall's River: Is producing coho and steelhead for those casting spoons and spinners or drifting crawlers and spawn bags.

Marquette: Surface water temperatures were at 52 degrees. Boat anglers were averaging two to four lake trout with the occasional coho or steelhead mixed in. They are fishing primarily east of the White Rocks and from the Carp River to the Chocolay River in 60 to 150 feet of water. The lake trout had not yet moved in for spawning. Shore anglers caught a few coho. A couple steelhead were taken on spoons.

Dead River: Angler activity was low. A few Chinook salmon could be seen. Try drifting flies. Water levels are currently low.

Menominee: Pier anglers at the marina and the lighthouse are still catching a few salmon but the fish are turning dark. Brown trout and steelhead have also been caught. Anglers are casting spoons and twister tails or jigging and still-fishing with spawn bags. Walleye fishing seems to be done. Those targeting them near the Cedar River caught smallmouth bass instead.

Menominee River: Walleye fishing was very slow for the few boats going out. Night anglers fishing off the Cat Walk near the Hattie Street Dam caught a few walleye and smallmouth bass but not without putting in their time. Most were drifting rapalas in the current. During the day, those fishing off the rocks near the first dam at Hattie Street caught a few brown trout, steelhead, Chinook and pink salmon. Some are drifting yarn or spawn while others are casting spoons, rapalas or twister tails.

Little Bay De Noc: Walleye reports were mixed with most anglers fishing the northern bay and going as far south as the Black Bottom. The best reports came from those trolling stick baits in the evening between the Second and Third Reefs in 14 to 23 feet of water. Day anglers did best from the Black Bottom to the lighthouse when trolling or drifting crawler harnesses in 20 to 35 feet. Perch fishing was fair north of Butler Island in 14 to 25 feet. Good perch fishing in the Escanaba Yacht Harbor when still-fishing crawlers around the boat slips. Those fishing east and south of Butler Island caught northern pike on spinners or crank baits in 10 to 15 feet of water. Water clarity has been very good but water temperatures are still warm.

Escanaba River: Shore anglers caught salmon up near the First Dam. Even though the run seems to be winding down, anglers reported the best catches of the season so far when using spoons, crank baits and J-plugs up near the active turbans.

Big Bay De Noc: Reports have been few but some were still targeting smallmouth bass in Snail Shell Harbor. They are fishing 25 to 30 feet down off the drop or in shallow waters eight to 10 feet deep. Most are using crawlers or minnows. The perch action in Garden Bay should start to pick up soon.

Munising: Small boats were staying near the mouth of the Anna River and targeting coho, splake and whitefish. Catch rates were slow and most of the splake were sub-legal. Pier fishing decreased as catch rates were slow. The fish averaged two to three pounds and some were turning dark. A couple steelhead were caught but splake fishing continues to be unusually slow and the fish are running small.

Grand Marais: Few anglers were out. Mild weather allowed a couple boats to go out trolling in the bay and near the Sucker River. Steelhead was the main catch along with the occasional coho. Light winds slowed the shore fishing for steelhead. No limit catches to report and most were lucky to leave with one or two fish. Boat and shore fishing around the bay have been impacted by the construction of the new breakwall. The water between the end of the new wall and shore is very shallow.

St. Mary's River: Smallmouth bass have been caught off Rocky Pointe and Birch Pointe by those jigging tube baits with skirts. Walleye are starting to bite on the north end of Munuscong Bay. Use planer boards with crank baits in eight to 14 feet of water off the rock piles around Moon Island. This is also a good area for smallmouth bass when using minnows. A few muskie in the 38 and 40 inch range were caught east of Kemps Point near Tea Cup Island and the shipping channel. Anglers did best when trolling large crank baits or black rubber bodied shad.

Detour: Walleye have been caught one mile north Swedes Pointe by those trolling planer boards with crank baits in the early morning. As water temperatures drop and the light levels get lower, bigger fish are being harvested. Young salmon can still be found at the Detour Reef and Lighthouse. Yellow perch effort at the marina has not been good possibly because of the dredging and installation of the new docks. Off Drummond Island, yellow perch were caught in 10 to 12 feet of water on the south end of Ashman Island and Rutland Island. Some nine to 11 inch fish were mixed in with the seven to eight inch fish.

Cedarville and Hessel: Have fair perch fishing. Bush Creek and Beaver Tail Creek have salmon thanks to the higher water levels.

Carp River: Still has a few Chinook salmon and steelhead are also moving in and hitting on spawn. Water levels have come up so salmon are staging at Nunn's Creek. Anglers have a great opportunity to cast out into Lake Huron for salmon when standing near the mouth.