Happy 40th Anniversary John McGowan - Northern Michigan's News Leader

Happy 40th Anniversary John McGowan

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If you're from Northern Michigan you know who John McGowan is.

A legend.

After 40 years at 9&10 News, let him eat cake!

John McGowan celebrated 40 years with Northern Michigan's News Leader today.

Since 1972, you've seen John in nearly every possible role here in news and sports.

And while we took a moment to celebrate his service today, we will be taking a look back at his broadcasting career.

John McGowan, "I'm very touched at the reaction I've received to the fact, that I've managed to hang around here so long. That was not the plan when we moved up here during the peak of color change back in 1972. Two trips back and forth from Grand Rapids in a very undependable 1967 Rambler Rebel was all it took to transport our stuff in that move. It would be a lot more complicated today. It helped that I had a wife from Detroit, who had no desire to go back to the big city, and as kids came along, hey, Northern Michigan was home, for them and us. But it turned out that even in 1972, 9&10 News was a pretty neat place to work. I've always been blessed by the fact that whatever job I was doing, there was never any chance to get bored. And the support I've had from our audiences, whether I was disk jockeying a little in mid 70's or doing sports in the late 70's and 80's, or reporting, or anchoring weekends or filling in like today on the 5:00, has always been extremely important to me. So, I thank you for that support, and I hope you'll continue it for a few more years, until it's time to retire."

Join us as we bring you a special thank you for our very own John McGowan.

We'll be celebrating 40 years of his career here at 9&10 News on October 25th on 9&10 News at 6:00.