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Plane Crash Haz-Mat Training

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An airplane crash with bio hazardous materials...a terrifying scenario, but something emergency crews need to prepare for.

Tonight, first responders from Roscommon County and beyond, came to the exercise at the Houghton Lake Airport, to make sure they're prepared.

The scene?

A plane crash just off the runway, with bio hazardous materials inside.

Crews set up decontamination stations, while others suit up and head to rescue the victims on the plane.

Lieutenant Frank Thibert, the Roscommon Co. Hazmat Director said,

     "So, we will have 12 firefighters dressed in hazmat suits taking care of the rescue, the junk that's on the field and the decontamination situation.  Planes crash everyday and they don't crash on runways, they crash into towns and cities and buildings."

Crews also learned evacuation procedures in case of a hazardous materials situation.