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Ludington Hospital Explores Partnership

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A Northern Michigan hospital is undergoing a major renovation -- and it's not the only potential change on the horizon.

The number of independently run hospitals continues to decline.

Now, the one in Ludington -- Memorial Medical Center -- is also exploring partnership options with larger health care systems.

This sort of consolidation isn't new to the area -- we've seen a larger healthcare system step in when an independent hospital has trouble standing on its own.

But Memorial Medical Center says financial troubles aren't the reason for their exploration.

"We're very stable right now... I truly believe that the best time to contemplate change is during a period of stability -- not during a period of crisis management. What resources would they have that we could use locally, here," said Mark Vipperman, President & CEO of M.M.C.

An advisory firm is scheduled to complete its work and offer options to the hospital sometime in 2013.

The hospital may then decide to partner with a health care system, or continue to operate independently.

9&10's Evan Dean spoke to the hospital president today and has more on the potential change.