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Clare County Deputies Find Meth Lab Inside Travel Trailer

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Clare County deputies say they found a meth lab inside a travel trailer.

Police raided it Wednesday night, after investigating a break-in, nearby.

Officers went to the Franklin Township Home, looking for stolen property.

What they found instead, was meth by-products outside the trailer and a working meth lab, inside.

The Clare County sheriff says they're looking for a 26-year-old man from Harrison.

He wasn't home last night.

The stolen property wasn't there, but police later learned the items were returned to the owner.

Crews cleaned up the lab immediately.

This is on of several meth labs discovered in Clare County, in recent months.

"It's scary. I want to get them all...It's so hazardous to the people using it.  They're putting these chemicals in their body that just eat your body away...It's terrible," says Clare County Sheriff John Wilson.

Police are asking the public to call in tips to help in the fight against meth.