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Michigan DNR Found Positive Samples of Asian Carp eDNA

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Positive water samples for silver carp eDNA were found in Lake Erie.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources collected samples from western Lake Erie's Maumee Bay and Maumee River and found Asian Carp eDNA.

"I cannot overstate the importance of our Great Lakes fishery to the economy and quality of life in Michigan," said MDNR Fisheries Chief Jim Dexter. "We will continue working with our partner agencies to identify the source of Asian carp eDNA in western Lake Erie so we can effectively protect the Great Lakes from the threat posed by silver and bighead carp if the species were to establish viable populations in the Great Lakes or their tributaries."

Researchers are unsure if the eDNA came from a live or dead fish, or other sources like sewers or birds.

They have not found any live fish with eDNA this summer or fall yet, but will continue to investigate.

If you would like to view images of the eDNA sampling process visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/acrcc/sets/72157630854558566?source=govdelivery.