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U.S. Marine From Northern Michigan Dies In Action in Afghanistan, Family Remembers His Legacy

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Sergeant Justin Hansen's legacy begins at Kingsley High School where he played football, was on the wrestling team, and ran track; a leader in every sense of the word. If he had it his way, he would have enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps sooner than he did.

Sergeant Hansen served two tours in Afghanistan, and fought the War on Terror. He was selection to be in Special Operations for the U.S. Marine Corps, before that, finished first out of 60 other for the RECON Unit.

Yesterday, he was sweeping a home in Afghanistan when enemy forces opened fire.

His family is working through the grief, knowing that he gave his life fighting for our country, and if nothing else does, that is what's giving them peace.

Sergeant Hansen was stationed in North Carolina. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made.

Reporting in Grand Traverse County, Sara Simnitch and Photojournalist, Jeremy Erickson.