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Police: Still No Sign of Kenneth Coty, Lake Mitchell Drowning Victim

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Days of tireless searching -- but no results.

Dive teams are still combing a Wexford County lake for a man who they say drown on Friday.

It's a story 9&10 News has been following since the moment it first broke.

And we can now tell you the victim's name.

Police say Kenneth Coty, of Merrill, drowned in Lake Mitchell while trying to rescue his two-and-half year-old son.

Police say Ken's son fell off a pontoon boat that they were riding.

When Ken jumped into the water -- he was able to push his son back onto the boat.

But we're told he didn't remove his steel-toe boots before he dove in, and couldn't reach the lifejacket that was thrown to him.

All three of Ken's children on board were wearing lifejackets.

Despite a detailed search by land, water, and air -- divers still haven't found Ken -- a difficult challenge for the family, community, and rescue team.

"If there is a silver lining to this story, he made a self sacrifice to save his two-and-a-half year-old son. And his children assisted with that as well... I would say that his children and he himself are heroes," said Chris Piskor, Sergeant with the Wexford County Sheriff's Office.

Although they've had to pull back resources, crews will stay on the water until Ken is found.

We will continue to bring you the latest updates.

9&10's Evan Dean and PhotoJournalist Jake Johnson spoke to police and the community members today -- they have the story.