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Jury Foreman gives Details from Inside Sean Phillips' Trial

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There are so many questions as to what led to the jury's guilty verdict in the Sean Phillips' trial.  Searching for answers 9&10's Ann Marie LaFlamme sat down with the jury foreman, Jacob Lokers, and learned shocking inside details.

There was so much information and speculation throughout the trial, many wondered how the jury could hand down a verdict in less than six hours.  Lokers tells us it was very specific evidence that led to their unanimous verdict.

Lokers says five key pieces of evidence convinced them beyond a reasonable doubt that Phillips was guilty of unlawful imprisonment.   Those were the car seat and baby bag found in Phillips' car, Ariel Courtland's missing phone, Kate's clothes in Phillips' pocket and the note found in his jail clothes.

Loker says the biggest game changer was when the jury submitted a question to the judge during deliberation regarding Ariel Courtland, Kate's mom.   If Courtland knew what happened to Kate, could they still find Phillips guilty?

The answer from the judge was 'yes.'  Unlawful imprisonment is hiding Kate from the people of the State of Michigan.  At that point Lokers says they threw out almost all of Courtland's testimony, likely changing the verdict.

9&10's Ann Marie LaFlamme and photojournalist Tony Zyber have more inside information from the jury.