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  1. First Snow Falls Around Northern Michigan, Road Conditions Slick

    …trees, but Tuesday parts of Northern Michigan woke up to fresh snow. 9&10 News viewers have been sending us their Webshooters all day of what they saw on their doorsteps and in their yards Tuesday morning. Some areas saw just a …

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  2. Atlanta Resident Spots Michigan Shaped Cloud

    …Northern Michigan resident Sara Edwards. The cloud is shaped like Michigan's Lower Peninsula. This great photo was shared by Michigan Awesome on Facebook. Share your Northern Michigan photos on our WebShooters page!

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  3. Feedback at 5:00: Share Your Spring Storm Stories & Photos

    … What's it look like where you are? We want you to share pictures and storm stories with us! Share you stories in these comments. Post your pictures on WebShooters weather page or Facebook.

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  4. Assessing Spring Storm Damage

    …necessary. If you encounter a barricade or barrels, do not move them. The road is not safe for travel. Roads may be washed out. You can share your pictures on our WebShooters page and Facebook.

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  5. Feedback at 5:00 -- "Storm Stories & Photos"

    …00", we want to hear your storm stories and see your photos. You can post in the comment box below, and click on the Webshooters link to upload your pictures. Also, stay with 9&10 News all day long for continuing coverage on what the severe storm …

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  6. Feedback at 5:00: Send In Your Stories, Photos Of Your Favorite Veterans

    …Feedback at Five, send us your stories and photos of your favorite veterans, and why they mean so much to you. Post your photos on our webshooters page. The link is posted on the left.

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  7. Feedback at 5:00: What Thoughts Come To Mind When The First Snow Falls?

    … We'd like to hear what you have to say, and see your pictures for today's "Feedback at 5:00." Upload your photos on our Webshooters page! Follow the link to the left.

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  8. Feedback at 5:00: Share Your Creative Costume Photos

    …creations you came up with this year. Young in age, or young at heart, you can share pictures and we may show them tonight on the air! Post your photos on our WebShooters Page. The link is on the left.

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  9. Feedback at 5:00: Share Your Storm Stories & Photos

    …storm on We want to hear your stories and share some of them for tonight's Feedback at 5:00. Share your story here and post your pictures on our webshooters page.

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  10. Feedback at 5:00: How Is The Winter Weather Impacting You?

    …shoveling and snowblowing, and what's keeping your, or the kids entertained outdoors. Share your pictures with us by uploading them to our WebShooters page. Follow the link posted on the left.

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