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  1. Organizers Pleased with Alpenfest Success

    After the five-day festival, organizers are calling the 50th Alpenfest a success. The festival just wrapped up in Gaylord in Otsego County this past weekend. Today, organizers spent …

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  2. Alpenfest Traditions Bring Families Together

    This year, Alpenfest is celebrating a major milestone, a ……family tradition happening today at the Alpenfest in Gaylord. Alyssa Gambla at the Alpenstrasse with more. Alpenfest is full of families having fun today …

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  3. Alpenfest in Gaylord: Burning of the Boogg

    …Tonight is the start of Gaylord's Alpenfest and just like years passed, it ……boogg and have it burned during Alpenfest . The burning represents those problems disappearing. Alpenfest is celebrating their golden birthday …

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  4. Quirky Games Make Alpenfest Unique

    …year that crowds have gathered in Gaylord for Alpenfest , where traditions and games are underway ……everyone and I save it up when it gets close to Alpenfest ." Lauren Bushong, Alpenfest Queen, says, "It's a good way to get people …

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  5. Volunteers Make Alpenfest Possible

    … Almost everywhere you look at Alpenfest , their is someone who has poured their ……games, it takes a team of people who love Alpenfest to make it all happen. "Everything ……memories are all that will be left of Alpenfest , because they hustle to make the town …

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  6. Alpenfest Parade Kicks Off World's Largest Coffee Break

    …This morning, people of all ages donned an Alpenfest outfit and joined in the parade that ……at the worlds largest coffee break, an Alpenfest tradition. For 50 years Gaylord has made sure Alpenfest is a family festival that focuses on …

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  7. Spitters Unite for Swiss Stone Competition at Alpenfest

    Alpenfest finishes up tomorrow night but there ……up. This is the 50th year for Alpenfest in gaylord and we have been there all …… For a schedule of events at Alpenfest , click here.

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  8. Sights and Sounds: Alpenfest Fun

    Today's Sights and Sounds of Northern Michigan take us back to the 50th Annual Alpenfest in Gaylord. Photojournalist Stephanie Adkins captured friends and families moving and grooving under the pavilion to songs …

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  9. Gaylord School Members Flipping Pancakes at Alpenfest

    At Alpenfest each morning the community comes together for breakfast. The Pancake Breakfast is a Friday tradition put on by Gaylord community …

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  10. MTM On The Road: Alpenfest Off to a Great Start

    …visitors have dressed up to celebrate Alpenfest . The Queen was crowned last ……tons of free events for kids. Alpenfest focuses on community, family and ……spirit! Get all the details on Alpenfest here.

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