Alice Shea

President Trump: US Now Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

“It’s an announcement concerning Israel and the Palestinians and the Middle East, and I think it’s long overdue.” President Donald Trump is in with an announcement that could hold consequences across the globe. The U.S. will now recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Per his announcement, President Trump also plans to move the U.S. embassy there. While the controversial move is…

Senator Al Franken to Make Announcement Amid Calls for Him to Resign

Senator Al Franken, a Democrat from Minnesota, plans to make an announcement Thursday amid growing demands for him to resign. Franken’s support among Democrats has been crumbling, primarily among women, after several women came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against him. So far, at least six Democratic senators have since called for his resignation.

Northern Michigan Central Dispatch Employee Accused of Embezzlement

A Northern Michigan central dispatch employee has been arrested, accused of embezzling thousands of dollars. Police arrested an employee of the Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet 911 Central Dispatch on Monday. She’s accused of embezzling more than $28,000 between May of 2015 and May of this year while she was working as the treasurer for the Michigan chapter of the National Emergency…

Woman Admits to Embezzling From Petoskey Little League

A woman accused of embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from a local little league has taken a plea deal. Police arrested Julie Gray back in October after they say she embezzled more than $80,000 from the Petoskey Little League. Tuesday, Gray pleaded guilty to embezzling between $1,000 and $20,000. In exchange for her plea, her charge of using a…

Russian Olympic Committee Banned From 2018 Winter Games

Russia’s Olympic committee has been banned from participating in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics next year. It comes after a prolonged doping scandal. However, the International Olympic Committee announced Tuesday that some athletes will be allowed to compete under the tag of ‘Olympic Athlete of Russia’ without their national flag or anthem.

Ford Motor Company Looking to Expand in China

Ford Motor Company is looking to expand its business in the east. The automaker says it’s planning to launch 50 new vehicles in China by 2025. Nearly one third of those are expected to be electric models. The decision comes amid dropping sales in China and as Ford races to craft electric and hybrid vehicles to meet strict production quotas.

Instagram Works to Combat Wildlife Exploitation

Instagram is working to combat wildlife exploitation. The company announced Monday it is adding content warnings to selfies that include wildlife like tigers and koalas. Wildlife conservation groups argue animals that users take photos with at tourist sites can actually suffer from human contact. So Instagram is sending a message against taking selfies with them that will pop up when…

International Space Station Astronauts Enjoy Pizza Party

After spending years in space, what would you crave the most? For the astronauts on the International Space Station the answer is pizza. After telling his boss how much he missed his favorite food, astronaut Paolo Nespoli’s boss sent all the necessary ingredients up to the ISS. In return, the crew sent back a video of their pizza party prep….