Police Show Us Stolen Items From Lake Isabella Breaking And Entering Case

We can now show you the items stolen from several homes in the Lake Isabella area.

The investigation started Monday when a conservation officer spoke with a 23 year old at a home in Lake Isabella.

Police then got a search warrant.

Inside the home on Carmen Drive, police found dozens of stolen items and arrested the man.

Police found everything from power tools to yard care items and even hunting gear.

Police found more than 50 items.

Investigators also say there was evidence of poaching found in the home and a car on the property.

Thursday night, police got another warrant and found more stolen items, arresting a second person.

“What we want to recommend to the public is during this time lock your houses, cars, cabins, we understand that a lot of people in this area they have vacation property,” says Trooper Miguel Mendez, MSP Mount Pleasant Post.

The men are facing breaking and entering and larceny charges among others.

They are expected to be arraigned soon.

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