Isabella Co. Man Arrested After Police Find Dozens of Stolen Items From Nearby Homes

An Isabella County man has been arrested, facing serious charges after police say they found stolen items inside his home along with evidence of poaching.

The investigation started Monday when a conservation officer spoke with a man in Lake Isabella.

That led to a search of the home, where the officer says they found stolen items and arrested the man.

Police are not telling us what home it was.

But inside they found about 50 stolen items.

For people in this neighborhood, it’s actually not surprising.

“I just happened to be pulling out of my driveway when I saw state police coming down the street kind of checking addresses,” a neighbor said.

Police found everything from tools to yard care items inside the home.

They tell us the items were stolen from nearby homes.

But many nearby say they have been the target of thieves before.

“He came in he went into our shed went into our garage, he took a bunch of things that really weren’t of any value, thinks of value he left evidentially, too heavy to carry whatever and I don’t know if  my neighbors saw but he left it all in the woods. And the police recovered it and brought it all back,” Dennis Tilmann II, neighbor said.

Although Dennis Tilmann doesn’t know who sole from him, he’s always on guard.

“Makes you feel uncomfortable you have to lock everything used to be we never had to lock anything, but now I mean it’s been a couple years ago,” Tilmann said.

Others have also found things stolen from their homes

“I retired in May 2015, I thought it was going to be nice around here but actually, I can’t buy dog food, I can’t buy laundry soap, I can’t keep my medication in the cupboards, things like that get stolen daily,” a neighbor said.

Some leaving nearby feel scared in their own home.

“I have video cameras, motion sensors, I keep two big sticks in front of my door not that it will do anything but it help. I got two dogs they sleep in my room with me,” a neighbor said.

The man has not been arraigned but is facing charges of breaking and entering, larceny, lying to a police officer receiving and concealing stolen property.

“I don’t like being here. I retired here in 2015, it’s been hell since I’ve been here I used to live at peace, now I can’t do that,” a neighbor said.

There was also evidence of poaching and those charges may be added as well.

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