LeRoy Township Gets Terrorism Insurance

An Osceola County township is preparing for the absolute worst.

LeRoy purchased terrorism insurance.

LeRoy Township says events around the world prompted them to take out an insurance policy that would cover them in case of a terrorism event.

Township clerk Stacie Dvonch says the insurance covers domestic and foreign terrorism.

It will cover township property if anything were to happen.

The insurance costs $22 a year.

Dvonch says the events in Charlottesville made them think about taking out this kind of insurance.

“What happened there, a lot of people involved, and in our area, probably something that big would never happen and you like to think that people are trustworthy and all people are good, but as we have seen, that is not always the case,” says Dvonch.

Despite being a small town, Dvonch says they want to be ready for anything.

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