Traverse City Hosts Candlelight Vigil for Charlottesville Victims

From Mount Pleasant to Petoskey, vigils are being held to honor the victims of an attack in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The attack targeted counter-protesters who were fighting back against a group of white supremacists protesting a decision by the city to take down a confederate statue.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader was in Traverse City for this emotional vigil.

A powerful display of unity in Traverse City. Hundreds of people together calling for peace after the violence in Charlottesville.

“There is always a reason to stand up for people who are being oppressed and put down. An attack on any American is always going to be an attack on me,” said Randi and Gustin who attended the vigil.

This vigil, one of hundreds taking place across the country as people of all backgrounds, young and old, mourn and pray.

“I think people need to speak up and stand up and support those people. We’re with you, we support you,” said Roger Dunigan.

“When I see Hitler salutes in the middle of a country that my father fled to from the Holocaust there’s something incredibly wrong there and there’s something stirring within my that makes me want to speak out for the sake of my grandfather and for the sake of the people who came to this country,” said Howard Lovy. 

They say the violence simply has to end, as the pain is felt across the country.

“Especially from the son and the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, to me, it’s something very real, it doesn’t look silly at all or ridiculous at all to me and I wanted to drive home the point to my son that this is serious and we’re going to pay attention but we’re not going to panic that we can do things here at home, like show up at this vigil,” noted Howard.  

But above all, they hope the message shared tonight, echoes clear.

“We have divisions all over and I think what we need to do is bring people together and create unity and I think this is an effort to do that,” said Dunigan. 

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