Traverse City Summer Microbrew & Music Festival Returns for 10th Year

50 breweries and wineries all in one place Saturday afternoon in Traverse City.

The Traverse City Summer Microbrew and Music Festival returned for its 10th year to the Grand Traverse Commons.

The festival featured craft beer, mead, cider, wine and plenty of tasty food.

50 breweries and wineries bringing 300 different varieties of craft beer, wine, cider and mead to Traverse City for the summer microbrew and music festival.

“What I love about this event is everyone is a friend we know each other after the years we have such a great team now and it’s so awesome to be in the Village Commons. A lot of beer festivals are just tastings and your standing in line, and the idea of this one is to have really high caliber music, and experience and structures,” said festival founder Sam Porter.  

Over the years, the festival has become a way for new local breweries to make a name for themselves. That’s the case this year for Traverse City based Monkey Fist Brewing Company.

“It’s really special to me because I spent so many years here working at the festival, so to be back here as a brewer, it’s really special to me. This is a great place to get the community to see us and to know who we are, just get our name out there and get our faces out there and have people try our beers, because truthfully, they’re really good,” said head brewer Deven Larrance.

The festival also benefits local non-profits. This year it’s Bay Area Recycling for Charities.

“On top of doing a zero waste event for this, we get to take those proceeds and use it to help facilitate other things that we do in Traverse City with recycling and on good years we donate more profits to local charities. A lot of people get to come in here and maybe see us for the first time, or meet us for the first time,” said Bay Area Recycling for Charities Founder Andy Gale. 

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