Unofficial Results In On Munson Medical Center Nurses Unionizing

The results are in for nurses at Munson Medical Center, making a historic decision on whether they will form a union.

However, these are preliminary numbers from the Michigan Nurses Association and the National Labor Relations Board.

And the initial tally looks close…

489 "yes" votes to 439 "no."

We’re told there are an additional 111 votes cast under challenge and those could be enough to change the outcome.

We may not know the official, final tally for several weeks.

The decision will ultimately affect about 1,000 nurses at Munson in Traverse City, who spent two days voting.

The proposal to unionize stems from a complaint filed against the hospital by the Michigan Nurses Association back in May.

Nurses had expressed concerns over unfair labor practices, including staffing issues and benefits.

The hospital is opposed to the union, saying it will complicate their relationship with the nurses.

No matter the outcome, both sides are committed to making it work.

“Because we truly don’t know the outcome, at this time we’d like to thank all the nurses for coming out and casting their ballots and voicing their opinions and we’ll continue to work with the NLRB and the union to come to a final outcome,” said Dianne Michalek, spokesperson for Munson Medical Center.

“I’m looking forward to having our voices heard and professional respect,” said Sarah Rooks, a nurse at Munson Medical Center. “I’m really looking forward to safe staffing ratios, nurse to patient ratios, and I’m also looking forward to hopefully having the hospital be able to attract and retain nurses.”

Again some of the votes are being challenged.

And it may be several weeks before they can report a final decision.

We’re staying on top of it and will keep you updated.

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