Review Of The Troops Ceremony Recognizes Soldiers At Camp Grayling

A celebration recognized thousands of soldiers at Camp Graying on Friday for this year’s Review of the Troops ceremony.

The ceremony comes as Operation Northern Strike ended for the Michigan National Guard, and some soldiers from overseas.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was at the ceremony Friday.

“Northern strike was the largest combined arms multinational exercise that we ever have conducted, 6,886 soldiers, airman, marines, sailors and our multinational partners,” says Major General Greg Vadnais of the Michigan National Guard.

Major General Greg Vadnais and Governor Rick Snyder were at the Review of the Troops to cap off Operation Northern Strike.

“We are able to put all of the pieces and parts together, built around a combat chain from the infantry to the artillery. It all synchronizes joint forces training for major combat operations,” says Vadnais.

Troops from across the world came to participate.

Solders from Latvia and Liberia were honored to be there.

“This is a very good friendship together with the Michigan National Guard to help Latvia to develop very high capable armed forces,” says General Leonids Kalnins, Chief of Defense, Latvia.

Major General Daniel Zrenkehn, Chief of Armed Forces in Liberia added,

“We are in a world of problems and so this just speaks to how we can enhance our ability. Being here is a great pleasure to me.”

Multiple awards were given out at Friday’s ceremony and soldiers who participated were recognized.

It’s also a time to say thank you and remember those who lost their lives defending freedom.

“I’ve watched them in the field and to see the wonderful things they do to keep us safe, we should all say thank you,” says Governor Rick Snyder.

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