Lake City Public Students To Get School Liaison Officer

Lake City Public Schools will have a new face keeping a watchful eye this school year,  they are getting a liaison officer.

The school district approached the Missaukee County Sheriff’s department about getting the officer.

Lake City schools will pay for a deputy to work in the district full time.

The officer’s duties will be to mentor kids, deal with truancy and address crimes.

The officer will also teach anti-drug programs.

 A deputy from the department has been chosen.

 Both the sheriff’s department and school feel this will benefit the entire district.           

“I think it’s important to help promote a positive environment between the students and law enforcement. In my past experience, it’s a big deterrent to have the law enforcement officer visible during the day and the school,” says Undersheriff Will Yancer, Missaukee County Sheriff’s department.

   Contracts are in the works and the officer will start this upcoming school year.

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