Challenge to Munson Medical Center’s Results in Nurses’ Vote for Union

The votes are in, but it’s still unclear whether Munson Medical Center nurses have the support to form a union.

An unofficial count shows the majority of them do want to form a union.

Eighty-one votes were challenged, mostly by the National Labor Relations Board. That’s what’s standing in the way of the numbers becoming official.

We don’t know how many of the challenged votes will count, or when a final decision will come down.

“It was an intense experience to sit there and listen to the ballots being read off yes, yes, no, no,” says Registered Nurse Cindy Rydahl.

There are 489 nurses in favor of unionizing at Munson celebrating what they believe is a victory, and Cindy is one of them.

“All the nurses banding together and forming our union,” she says. “We will be listened to, and we need to be. We are at the bedside every day, 24 hours a day. We need to be respected.”

They are hoping to address concerns with patient-to-staff ratios, wages and benefits.

“I would just like to see our bargaining start now,” Cindy says. “I would like to see the nurses start deciding who they want to represent them, the issues they want to focus on.”

But 439 nurses are not on board, and don’t share the same concerns. One is Registered Nurse Brendan Franklin.

“I’ve been really happy coming from a metro Detroit hospital," he says. "Seeing the great staffing ratios we have here, the great teamwork we have, I’ve never been able to speak so openly to management like I do here.”

They are also concerned unionizing could keep new nurses from coming to the hospital.

“I do think the union could be a concern,” Brendan says. “I think it would work both ways, there are people attracted to a union environment and there’s people that aren’t and might refrain moving to this area as well.”

Munson’s President Al Pilong says one thing won’t change—patient care.

“We are absolutely committed to our patients,” he says. “We have a saying here at Munson, we keep the patient at the center of everything we do and we aren’t wavering on that regardless of the outcome.”

9&10 News will continue to follow Munson’s results closely. Updates on the final numbers will come once released. 

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