Canadian Woman Sentenced to Prison for Stealing Charlevoix Co. Victim’s Identity Again

A Canadian woman will spend at least three years in prison for stealing the same person’s identity again.

Jewel Browe was sentenced to between three and 15 years in prison for identity theft in Charlevoix County today.

The Charlevoix County Prosecutor says Browe gave police someone else’s license during a traffic stop.

Browe then skipped court for the traffic ticket, meaning the victim’s driver licenses was suspended.

The same woman’s information was then used to order Browe cable, resulting in collection action against the victim as well.

Browe was convicted of the same crime in 2013 involving the same victim.

The prosecutor says the woman took Browe into her home in 2012 and that she stole items with the victim’s identifying information.

Browe is a Canadian citizen who has been deported several times.

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