Traverse City Mother Hangs Fliers for Missing Daughter

In downtown Traverse City you’ll mostly see smiling faces and happy go lucky shoppers. But among the crowds a mom was desperately searching for her daughter. 

Diane Mcwethy handed out fliers saying “This is my daughter, she has autism and she’s missing.”

UPDATE: Emily was found Thursday.

Emily Balcomb went missing around 3 p.m. Wednesday. We are told she has autism.

Her mother and police did everything they could to find her. 

Emily’s mom says her daughter is highly functional and she often hangs out with her friends downtown.

But Wednesday some unusual changes to Emily’s normal routine sparked concern. 

Emily’s mom says she called off work and her friends didn’t hear from her.

Emily left her mom a note saying to not look for her and to tell her boyfriend she loves him.

“She wrote a note telling me she wanted to leave Traverse City and don’t try to find her, that is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard from her in her entire life,” Diane says. 

Diane says Emily seemed happy, and even though she’s had meltdowns before, she’s never taken off. 

“She’s verbalized many times—winter, summer, spring or fall—she’s so glad she’s here," Diane says. 

Diane was sick with worry and trying not to think about the unknown. 

She has this attitude about people if she likes them, she knows them,” Diane says. “And so that could be anybody, and if it was the wrong person, something could have happened.”

Above all Diane just wanted her daughter to come home.

“I will come get you wherever you are, there will be questions, but there will not be incriminations,” Diane says.  

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