Grand Traverse VA Votes Against Hiring Legal Counsel, Moves on From Firing Director

The Grand Traverse County Department of Veterans Affairs voted against hiring legal counsel outside of the county.

The board held a special meeting early this morning to discuss hiring a lawyer to go over things like bylaws and whether the board can hire or fire people.

Several veterans thought it was about re-instating the former VA Director Chuck Lerchen.

He was forced to resign in May after complaints about how he treated employees sparked an internal investigation.

Even though it wasn’t on the agenda, several people spoke up.

James Wegner, board chairman, says it is time to move on.

“The feelings and what have you of myself other board members or the public yes they’re welcome but we need to move on,” he says. “We need to move on and get this office mended.”

Deputy County Administrator Jennifer Deehan is now serving as the interim director of the Grand Traverse County Department of Veterans Affairs.

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