CMU Staff, Students Installing New Temperature Control Systems

Central Michigan University is becoming more energy efficient, saving money, and giving students a valuable experience.

CMU facilities management is teaming up with two engineering students to install new temperature control systems that will save energy.

9&10’s Taylor Jones spoke with students and staff about the project.

So far CMU installed the new systems in three buildings.

The project is saving the school money and providing hands on experience for students.

“We are removing the vintage control system that is here at CMU and we’re replacing it with a more modern system. It’s going to allow us better control, it’s going to allow us to save a lot of energy and reduce maintenance costs,” says Jesse Reed, control analyst.

New sensors will better adjust room temperature based on how many people are inside.

“We can reduce the amount of horse power that’s needed to heat and cool the space. We can also do temperature setbacks when spaces aren’t scheduled and then we can also sense with occupancy controls. We can do the minimum amount if CO2 requirements for the space and allow us to not heat and cook our outside air, so we can reduce the amount of energy consumption required for that,” says Reed.

It should save thousands of dollars.

Two CMU engineering students got to work on this project.

“We started off just doing some small temperature sensors and some of the CO2 sensors and then we eventually learned some of the more advanced stuff, getting to work with replacing some of the dampers that control the outside air and controlled air,” says Seth Allen, engineering student.

It’s been a valuable experience.

“I’m learning my studies while I’m coming to work and I do get to see how some of the things I’ve learned in some of my classes, I can apply the theory and all of that and understand how things work,” says Allen.

CMU’s goal is to install these new systems in 55 buildings on campus.

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