Clare County Homeland Security Director, Cadillac Citizens Weigh-In On North Korea Conflict

The conflict involving North Korea is being felt world-wide.

The Department of Homeland Security is working, non-stop, to keep the nation in the loop.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman continue our team coverage and sat down with a local Homeland Security director to talk about what is important to keep in mind.


Clare County Emergency Manager and Homeland Security Director Jerry Becker says the feeling resembles the Cold War.

But says it’s best not to worry.

“Some of the young people have approached me when we’ve been out in the public and ask about these things and that means it’s on their minds,” Becker says. "It wasn’t on their radar before but obviously with the attention going on, people are starting to take notice of that and asking questions, and that’s good because we want to be able to inform them."

Jerry Becker says the questions he and the rest of the Department of Homeland Security have been getting more frequent.

“I’ve noticed in the last probably 3 to 6 months that more local residents are calling in,” Becker says. “They are more concerned about North Korea."

Becker says he’s now getting almost daily briefings from Washington and uses that information to keep locals in the loop.

“Most of all, I want people to understand that our leaders, national leaders and our international leaders are on top of this,” Becker says.

“Why should people not be frightened?" I asked him.

“We don’t want people to live in fear. We want people to be knowledgeable. This is an international situation and it’s going to solve itself on an international level."

Dave and Cheri Anderson in Cadillac are some of the many with questions, staying informed on social media, and scanning the horizon.

“Good, bad or indifferent, something is going to happen,” Dave Anderson says. “If good people stand back and do nothing, yeah, we need to be afraid. But if good people in the know will stand up for what we believe in and for what this country’s built on, we’ve got nothing to worry about."

“Education is power. Knowledge is power,” Becker says. “To know about the situation, learn about it, it put my fears to rest more."

Becker says locals with concerns, you can always call his department for answers.

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