Cadillac Meth Bust Near Courthouse Raises Concerns For Neighbors

"You got kids there. I’ve got kids. It’s crazy this close to home."

A fire was first spotted at this Cadillac house, then the fire department uncovered a meth bust.

Wednesday night, someone out mowing their lawn noticed smoke coming from a home on May Street, right across from the Wexford County Courthouse.

The Cadillac Fire Department responded and found much more.

Fire crews noticed chemicals used to make meth and other tools that you would find in a meth lab.

That’s when the Traverse Narcotics Team (TNT) got involved, finding more meth-making materials.

Neighbors living nearby say the discovery is concerning because a lot of kids live in the area.

"How? How are they able to accomplish to accomplish it for so long without being noticed, especially right here?” says Dale Hull, who lives right down the street. “Smack dab residential. It’s different."

The Cadillac City Police Department took in a dog named Hazel that was at the scene.

Hazel has stayed right by their side, and has nowhere else to go.

No arrests have been made yet.

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