Northern Michigan in Focus: Jeffrey the Camel’s Birthday

What were you doing on your tenth birthday?

Did it involved a party on a farm with fun, cake for camels and a candy cannon?

It will if you’re Jeffrey at Lewis Farms in New Era.

Courtney Hunter and chief photojournalist Cory Adkins give us a preview of the celebration in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

“So, it’s his 10th birthday. Every year we throw a party for him,” said Scott Lewis. 

There’s a lot of buzz at Lewis Farms in New Era about a big party this weekend.

“Jeffrey is kind of the star of the farm. He is our dromedary camel and he’s going to be 10 years old this year,” Scott said. 

When you visit Lewis Farms, it’s hard not to fall in love with Jeffrey at first sight. You have to laugh though, because he doesn’t even act like a camel.

“Basically, Jeffrey does not think he’s a dromedary camel. He thinks he’s a dog. He just loves to be around people and he loves the attention,” explained Scott.

This weekend he’ll be getting a lot of attention when the farm yard turn into one big party.

"Happy birthday at 2 o’clock, the corn roast goes from 11-5:30, we got free face painting going on that day, we have live music, our candy cannon and will go off that day, where we shoot 75 pounds of candy out over the crowd,” said Scott. 

And, yes, there’s cake!

“He loves cake, so if you’re coming out to Jeffrey’s birthday at 2 o’clock we’re going to sing him happy birthday and give them cake and everybody gets free cake that day. He absolutely loves frosting, so my wife make sure he gets lots of frosting that day and he’s kind of a pig when it comes to eating cake,” explained Scott. 

A corn roast, cake and a camel that thinks he’s a dog: What could be better?

Happy birthday, Jeffrey!

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