North Korea: Seriously Examining Strike Near Guam

The Trump administration was faced with new evidence of North Korea’s nuclear progress, threatening to launch a nuclear attack against U.S. bases in Guam.

Plans Kim Jong Un says will be drawn up later this month.

It comes after the president promised North Korea’s attempts will be “met by fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

The White House press secretary said advisors were "aware of the president’s tone but the words were his own."

It left Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to explain the comments.

He said Mr. Trump was just trying to get the attention of the young dictator, others didn’t mind the president’s rhetoric.

Again, North Korea has since announced plans to drop what it called enveloping fire in the waters around Guam

Secretary Tillerson says he says he’s not worried about the threats, and Americans shouldn’t lose any sleep either.

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