“Non-Existent” Antrim County Campground Sparks Warning From BBB

A warning from the Better Business Bureau for a non-existent campground that has been taking reservations and people’s money.

The problems started back in 2015 when Brad and Sandy Carlson planned to raise $100,000 for Bella Solviva through a crowd funding site.

However, they raised less than $3,000.

Yet, they still continued to take reservations and deposits; pushing back the opening date several times.

"Thank you for calling Bella Solviva. We are scheduled to open in 2016."

And that’s still the response would-be customers hear when they call trying to make reservations or get their money back.

“It’s an embarrassment, I guess I would say, it’s an embarrassment for our area,” said Heidi MacNicol.

A warning from the Better Business Bureau now out, making it known the supposed glamping resort destination has stopped responding, and refunding their money.

“It’s just disappointing for the people who made the reservation for sure,” said MacNicol. “Frankly I think the whole things very odd, it’s almost like they just dropped off the face of the earth.”

And when some people heard about it, they even booked their honeymoon here; but two years later, it’s still just a sign

“The fact that I had great communication and had trusted these people to book my honeymoon with I mean it’s such an important time you know to not even have any kind of communication, almost basically be ignored, was pretty discouraging,” said Hunter Rich.

The romantic getaway looked like a safe bet for Hunter and her husband, until last July.

“They ignored all my contacts through email and I called all the different like the phone numbers available on the online website,” said Rich.

The Rich’s tell us the owners finally contacted them via email, advising “you may want to open a dispute with your credit card company – they may give you your money back and go after us for it".

Eventually the bank refunded her the near $400.

But not everyone has been so lucky.

“My heart breaks for them,” said Rich. “I just hope people can find some peace and hopefully get their money back.”

We did reach out to the company and have not heard back.

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