Benzie County Commission on Aging Millage Passes

The Benzie County Commission on Aging Millage has passed.

The Millage will raise more than a million dollars over three years — allowing Benzie Senior Resources to expand their services.

The need for their food delivery and in-home service programs have doubled in recent years.

With the money — they can add another line to their delivery program and hire additional staff to go to homes and perform tests on seniors.

Seniors who’ve been part of the commission for decades are excited to see the programs grow.

“I just can’t say enough words of thanks for this place so the funding for this is so important,” said Irma Komoll. “They get not only the nourishment for their body but for their spirit.”

“I know a lot of other people that are in their 80s or 90s that have care and they’ve been able to have a nurse on staff which is very nice to help those seniors,” said Donald Olney.

The millage passed with 1,929 yes votes and 460 no votes. 

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