Police: Man Admits to Dismembering Man, Hiding Part of Body in Newaygo Co.

“Our hearts go out to the family that has to deal with this.”

People living along Crystal Trails are getting answers after a dismembered body was discovered in the woods near their home.

D’Anthony Keenan’s body was found on Saturday, starting a homicide investigation.

Tuesday morning, Anthony Blamer Junior turned himself in for the crime.

Keenan’s body was found in the Crystal Trails Area, east of Fremont in Newaygo County.

Anthony Blamer Junior stood mostly silent before a judge Tuesday in connection to the homicide of D’Anthony Keenan.

In a court hearing, investigators said Keenan and Blamer got in a fight in Muskegon. It ended with Keenan dead, shot in the head with his own gun. Then Blamer using a chainsaw to cut off Keenan’s head and hands, dumping most of his body in these remote woods.

“There are so few people around and we get that a lot where not only people’s trash and garbage but unfortunately the criminal aspect because it is so easy to go undetected. That is our greatest concern is that the property out there is protected for the people to use safely,” Sheriff Bob Mendham, Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office said.

But it didn’t end there. The detectives say Blamer drove to Oceana County where he left Keenan’s head and hands so investigators couldn’t identify him. At first he denied involvement, but eventually confessed.

“The people of the community would be scared to death when you find that there’s a body dumped in the national forest in your area,” Mendham said.

Police from several agencies are working together to quickly uncover what happened.

“If anyone does have any game cameras, trail cameras out in that area and they check those and find some photographs we might find useful, I hope they would get ahold of us and let us take a look at them,” Mendham said.  

Blamer is now charged with disinterment or mutilation of a dead body and concealing the death of an individual.

As far as the connection between Blamer and Keenan, police say they were briefly cellmates in the Muskegon County Jail.


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