Kalkaska County Woman Sentenced For Role in Father’s Death, Torture

This Kalkaska County woman will spend at least a decade in prison for her role in her father’s torture and death.

A judge sentenced Jessica Degroot Tuesday morning nearly 8 months after deputies say she and her husband Brian tortured and killed Michael Brandt.

Jessica took a plea deal to a manslaughter charge, but the judge still said her actions were almost impossible to fathom.

The family did not address the court but fought back tears as the judge went above the sentencing guidelines.

 The prosecutor said Jessica had multiple opportunities to prevent her father’s death.

“She could have allowed her father to escape, she had that opportunity. There was one point her father broke free of her husband and ran through the house, she could have allowed him to pass by and he would have had a fighting chance, but no, she didn’t do that, she stood in his way,” said Kalkaska County Prosecutor Michael Perreault.

 The same judge granted a request Tuesday for Brian Degroot to undergo a mental evaluation to see if he’s fit to stand trial for Michael Brandt’s death.

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