Retiring Well With Michael Reese: Ready for Retirement?

There’s a lot that comes with retiring the right way.

Part of that is planning ahead.

Every Tuesday, Retiring Well with Michael Reese airs to help you do just that.

Each week the show highlights a topic relating to your retirement finances, along with a lesson on how to prepare now rather than later.

This week, the focus is on IRA taxes and knowing the different ways you can transition your money from a traditional IRA to Roth IRA that work best for you.

 “So with retirement plans, IRA specifically, you haven’t been taxed on the traditional IRAs or 401Ks yet, so you need to be aware of what taxation that you’re going to pay on that as well as be aware of how Roth IRAs can play a role,” explained Jon Torbet, financial advisor.

Retiring Well comes on every Tuesday morning at 10 on 9&10.

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