Wexford County Family Loses Home In Fire

A family’s home in Wexford County, destroyed after a fire tore through it early Sunday morning.

The fire started around eight this morning in Harrietta.

Four fire departments worked to put out the fire at the home on West 30 Road.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was there speaking with the family who lost everything.

“We were all out in the barn working on a semi when the neighbor noticed the smoke coming out of the house. By the time we got up here, it was all engulfed in flames,” says Rod Potter, homeowner.

A lifetime of memories gone in a matter of minutes.

As flames consumed their home, the Potter family worked to get items out of nearby buildings.

“We hurried up, got everything out of the shop, out of the small garage, it was getting ready to catch on fire,” says Potter.

Flames were pouring out of the home by the time fire fighters got there.

“We filled up our 3,000 gallon tanker twice and we filled up another 2000 gallon tanker twice,” says Chief Rodger Mier, Slagle Harrietta Fire Department.

Firefighters are still looking for a cause, but no one was in the home when the fire started.

“We lost everything from my mom. She just died a year ago and the little stuff I did have from her, I don’t have any more. Pictures, memorabilia and a couple of things that she gave me,” says Potter.

Rod’s daughter Gabby added, “That’s the house I grew up in. All of my clothes everything is just gone, my dogs toys, my pictures, everything, stuff you can’t get back.”

The family has insurance and says for now, they’re just thankful everyone is okay.

“You can replace a lot of stuff but you can’t replace a life. We’re going to move forward. Everybody made it out you just have to put a smile on your face and keep going,” says Potter.

Michigan State Police will be investigating the fire.

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