New And Old Cars And Bikes Displayed At Marion Car Show

From old to new cars, and trucks and just about everything in between, it was all at the 13th annual Marion Car, Truck, Bike and Semi Show.

The show started in memory of Orris and Nancy Brackett, a local couple that loved going to car shows.

The show includes classic and new cars trucks and bikes.

People also get to vote for the best vehicles and many take home trophies.

Money from the show all goes back to supporting different organizations in the community.

It’s a show many come back to each year.

“Orris and Nancy just kind of put it kind of into everybody about how exciting it is to go to car shows and show off your vehicle meet with your friends and it’s just a fun and enjoyable day,” says Julie Lieb, volunteer.

Dan Harrier and Donald Wiser took home the Orris and Nancy Brackett trophies at the show.

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