US Coast Guard Finds, Rescues Boaters on Little Traverse Bay

A happy ending after the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City learned a boat was taking on water.

The search and rescue happened Friday morning in Little Traverse Bay.

The Coast Guard had just taken off for their training flight when they were notified.

Four people were on board the vessel.

The Coast Guard arrived to the scene and found the boat had made it to shore with all accounted for. The Coast Guard says all four people were in life jackets.

They used a bright orange raft, making them easy to spot from the air.

“Luckily for them and us we were already airborne and we were able to get there really quickly,” said Lieutenant Commander Jason Evans. “We got there in less than 25 minutes and found the vessel had already went to hard ground on a beach and luckily all four crew members had gotten off the boat and made it to a local nearby house.”

Today also marks the 227th birthday of the United States Coast Guard. What a way to celebrate!

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