Antrim Co. Homeowners, Miss Elk Rapids Explain Experience During Severe Weather

“Basically what they were seeing on radar we had just witnessed,” Carter Pohlman said.

Shocking moments as people living on Elk Lake snapped pictures and video of what appeared to be a tornado right across the lake.

“As I turned towards the lake area I saw this shape of a tornado that was quite large right across on the other side of Elk Lake,” Pohlman said.

Carter Pohlman and his wife were getting ready to eat dinner when they looked out their window.

“It was changing shapes rapidly, I called my wife, I said holy crap look at this and she came over and looked and by the time she had gotten there it had actually changed shape by that time as well,” Pohlman said.

Another homeowner in the area is dealing with some damage after trees fell on his house, cottage and pole barn.

"I was out in the garage when it hit," explained Garry Sumerix. "It was a furious wind storm. A large tree fell on our house, pierced the roof inside. It was raining inside the house as well as outside. The same thing happened to our cottage. A tree fell and pierced the roof. It was raining in the cottage. And my pole barn — two trees fell on the end of it and crushed 40 percent of the roof and the barn."

Garry says the next step is getting the trees off of his house.

And because of the tornado warning, kids, parents and Miss Elk Rapids piled into a bathroom for shelter at the Harbor Days Festival.

“There was about 20 kids there and about halfway through the talent show we got an alert on everyone’s phones saying that there was a tornado warning,” Grace Boyles said.

Grace said everyone kept calm and safe.

“The other kids were troopers actually which was awesome, I think the parents were even more worried than the kids,” Boyles said.

“It takes my mind off of it as well not thinking where my family members are or anything, when I have a responsibility to take care of the people around me,” Boyles said.

The National Weather Service should determine if it was a tornado or just a funnel cloud on Friday.

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