Roscommon County Township Approves Medical Marijuana Ordinance Draft

It’s the first step towards allowing medical marijuana growers and dispensaries to work in a Northern Michigan township with strict regulations.

In Roscommon County, the Roscommon Township board gave their Planning Commission the green-light to beginning drafting an ordinance that would regulate medical marijuana in their community.

That plan was approved 3-to-2 this week.

The recommendation aims to allow two medical marijuana facilities under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act.

It would also allow all growers, processors, transporters and provisioning centers in industrial or commercial districts with special permits.
"Our board speaks with one voice and so we are comfortable with sending this back to the planning commission to allow them to begin work on the ordinance but also to wait until the state finishes their rules and regulations,” says Diane Randall, Roscommon Township Supervisor and Assessor.

Special permits cannot be applied for yet.

The township is still listening to any public input and the draft would not come into play until January.

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