Roscommon Business Center Receives Grant Awards To Expand Services

A center built to grow small businesses in Roscommon is getting a lot of support from some serious grants.

The Sawmill Rural Business Center received nearly $89,000 in combined grant money this week, including from the Roscommon DDA and Roscommon County Community Foundation.

This comes after seven months of success, with Sawmill helping with 20 consultations, starting up eight new businesses in the village, including a much-needed daycare.

It also opened up 12 new jobs.

“What I’m seeing is the people are realizing that, OK, wow, this is a service that I didn’t know was available to me, so let me go see what it’s all about,” says Diane Love-Suvada, CEO & Co-Founder of Sawmill. “And everything we’ve done so far is free to the client, free to the community."

The grants will be used to expand further into the community.

Sawmill is planning an open house and informational session on August 24.

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