Hundreds Attend Family Field Day In Cadillac

Families poured in to Cadillac High School for a day full of fun, and fitness. 

Northern Michigan’s News Leader and the Cadillac Mayor’s Fit City Challenge teamed up to put on the first ever Family Field Day.
The free event had plenty of activities lined up for the kids, but didn’t keep the adults on the bleachers either. 

"There’s lots of smiles and lots of laughter and a lot of activity," said mayor Carla Filkins. 

Whether kids found their zen with yoga, listened to talented musicians and even parachuted into a good time, Family Field Day made sure everyone got moving. 

"I’ve been doing the hop scotch and the relay race mostly," said a participant. 

"Truly what our whole program is about is just getting people out and being active. It’s not just about losing weight it’s about more active lifestyle that gets us off the couch and gets us moving," said Mayor Carla Filkins. 

We teamed up with organizations across the community to show being healthy doesn’t have to be boring. 
Sponsors, like Priority Health, also opened eyes when it comes to nutrition. 

"There are 51 grams of sugar in that bottle of apple juice which is the same amount as a bag of Twizzlers so it’s just showing these beverages are very similar to eating these candy bars," they said. 

The gym at Cadillac High School was filled with the different sounds of fun, family, and budding friendships. 
 An impossible task without the help of dozens of volunteers along the way. 

"A lot of it can’t happen without volunteers it sounds a little cliche but in order to have things keep happening you have to have people in the community that put forth work year after year getting it planned out," said Joshua Jacobson.

Thanks for hanging out with us Northern Michigan! We’ll see you around. 

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