9&10 News Holds First Family Field Day Bringing Dozens of Active Families

It’s finally here.

Family field day with 9&10 News and Fox 32 got families up and moving.

The weather may not have been perfect, but we did not let that stop us.

Dozens of families made their way to the Cadillac High School’s performance gym.

The first 9&10 News and Fox 32 News Field Day was a success!

Several hundred people came out and had a ton of fun, including our volunteers.

The day was all about targeting the youngest members of our community to encourage them to get active.

Cadillac mayor, Carla Filkins helped make the event possible. With her Mayor Fit City Challenge, the event played into what she is trying to accomplish in the community.

“Truly what our whole program is about is getting people up out and being active. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about having a more active lifestyle, that gets us up off of the couch and gets us moving,” Filkins said.

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