Proposed Technology Plan for Grand Traverse Co. Could Cost More Than $6 Million

“They’re getting ready to recommend $6.4 million, you don’t do that at one fail swoop.”

A proposed strategic technology plan discussed Wednesday could cost more than $6 million.

A joint meeting between Grand Traverse County and Traverse City commissioners just wrapped up.

In 2016, an audit was done that showed their software was outdated.

A major concern with this is their security leading to the county and city being at risk.

The county contracted epic technology solutions to come up with a plan to upgrade its IT systems.

Wednesday marked the county and city’s first chance to look at that plan, discuss what steps to take next and ask any questions they may have about what could be a $6.4 million investment.

“Yeah we won’t be doing this in one fail swoop, this is a system that’s taken a long time for it to get this point. It’s going to take some time to get out, so that’s one of the things we’ll have to discuss about you know what’s the steps we’re going to take to move forward with that,” Richard Lewis, city commissioner said.

Both county and city commissioners want to see a plan before making any decisions.

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