Mackinaw City Gearing Up for 18th Century Trade Fair

Mackinaw City is known for its rich and storied history and beginning on Thursday that history will come alive in the streets.

On Thursday Mackinaw City’s 18th Century Trade Fair kicks off.

The weekend will be full of demonstrations and re-creations, showing what life was like in the Mackinaw region 300 years ago.

Families flock to the area every year for the fun and interactive way to learn about the past.

“What did you learn? That the leaves they used to eat grew back every year they only had to plant them one time. ‘What did you learn? That they ordered a lot of things from other people and other place and then they’d send orders and send them back,” Lori Cox asked her daughters, they are visiting from Mt. Pleasant.

Many are looking forward to Saturday when there will be a full scale demonstration of an 18th century military battle. 

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